9 Great DIY Gift Wrapping Methods

27 Jan 2017

9 Great DIY Gift Wrapping Methods

by Bogsha Gifting

When we spend so much time finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones, we should express our love by wrapping them beautifully.

The excitement of unwrapping a present is the build up on discovering the mystery it holds within it. So why not wrap it so beautifully that the appreciation of how it’s wrapped is a gift in it’s own right, showing the thought process behind the whole experience.

Gift boxes and wrapping paper have been hiding the best surprises for ages. And the best part is that thoughtful gift wrapping just takes few minutes.

A valuable and well-planned gift is incomplete without a beautiful and quirky cover.

So, if you want to put some effort in making your gift a memorable one, here are 9 unique yet simple ideas to make your present just tha.

1. Use Colorful Feathers That Add Grace

Feathers instantly give a graceful look to your simple and plain gift cover. All you have to do is cut them out of a colored sheet of paper, dip them into your favorite color and tie it using a thread.

2. Neatly Wrap Up with Yarn or String

Plain yarn looks amazing when you mix and match it with various colors. You can also cut out different shapes from colored paper sheets and fix it with the yarn for a classic look.

3. Fabric Wrapping Never Goes Out of Style

Feeling too lazy to wrap? Cut out a good quality fabric piece and wrap it around your gift to create an illusion of your craftiness. Carefully pick bright and patterned fabric to get a more fuller look. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap gift and other goods and it is just divine.

4. Try the Easy Breezy Flag Look

Cut out flag shapes of colored paper or fabric and glue it to a yarn thread. Fix it over white or plain paper to draw maximum highlights over these colors. Add a short message on the top to let them know you care.

5. Draw it Yourself

On a good quality wrapping paper you could draw a simple ribbon design with the recipient’s name in it. Even if you didn’t score well in arts, this is something you can try anyways! Just have fun with it.

6. The Unwrapped Animal Shapes

The animal shapes are the quirkiest way to capture the attention. Just shape up your box and leave a part unwrapped. Draw a face and you are pretty much sorted.

7. Cutting Out Magazine Covers To make Design Flowers

Feeling a little crafty? Cut out strips from a glossy magazine and curve the edges. Place one strip over the other to get a beautifully shaped flower. This simple hack can brighten any dull paper. Simple enough. Isn’t it?

8. Tell a Story Using Postcards

You can easily find pictures from magazines that can be cut out and attached to plain wrapping paper. You may use self taken photographs to give the gift a more personal touch.

9. Wrap The Touch of Nature With Some Plants

Plants bring life to any ordinary gift wrapper. You can use plants from your garden or get them from a nearby nursery. Wrap it with a nice handmade paper that does aesthetic justice to the beauty inside.

Wrapping up the gift speaks for the fact that you have put your heart into every step of the giving. Be it a gift bag, fancy ribbons or sequins and silk, gift wrapping shows that you care.

Do not forget to add a personal message (best opportunity for word play) for that final touch of awesomeness.

Need any help? Connect with our designers at Bogsha for the most quirky and creative ideas that that help you score extra points for making a super special gesture.

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