Wrapping Using Old Paper Bags

When it comes to giving a gift that stands out, the quality of gift wrapping you use is always likely to have an impact. If everyone is using the most stylish, pretty and attractive types of gift wrapping, you may want to do something a bit different to stand out from the crowd.

In this regard, have you ever thought about wrapping using old paper bags? It is a lot easier than you would think and if you want some gift wrapping that stands out from the crowd

The steps you need to take for wrapping using old paper bags are:

1-Cut your paper bag along the seams and this will give you one large and flat sheet of paper

2-Fold your gift in the way you normally would

3-Decorate the gift wrapping in a special way

4-Finish with a personal message or add a tag

As you’ll see wrapping using old paper old bags isn’t that difficult, the only step you really need to take that is different is to cut your paper bag open and give yourself a smooth piece of paper to wrap it in.

The look and feel of old wrapping paper is excellent

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to do this but the look and feel of the old paper material is delightful. It stands out from so many different types of gift wrapping and if you are looking to create a buzz around your gift or you just want to do something that is very personal to you and the recipient, you will have the chance to do so.

If you think that the old paper bag as wrapping material is nice but a bit bland, let your imagination and creative talent run wild. You should look to use a stencil to create some art on the wrapping or perhaps you will want to use a good selection of twine to wrap the gift. Whatever you can do to give the present an additional personal touch, you should as this will help to make your gift be the one that people remember.

At Bogsha, we can’t help you find the best old paper bags to use for wrapping paper, but if that is what you intend to do, good luck to you and we would love to see the finished results. However, if you decide to opt for some of the most stylish gift wrapping, boxes and bags to put a smile on the face of someone you love, we are here to help you out.

Wrapping Odd Shapes

If you are giving a gift that is in a box or is a handy rectangle shape, wrapping the present is simple. As long as you have enough wrapping paper to cover the present, you should find that wrapping the present is an easy process that can be carried out quickly, idea for when you are in a rush. However, what happens if you have a gift that is an odd or peculiar shape? Wrapping odd shapes can be quite difficult, but as with so many things in life, it isn’t impossible.

Odd angles

If you have an odd shape to wrap, you will probably have to fold the paper in some odd angles to keep everything covered. A great example would be wrapping a tennis or badminton racquet, which is certainly an unusual shape. You can fold the paper at odd angles to create a better fit and it may be best to use different sheets of wrapper, creating a better coverage of the gift.

Lotus wrapping method

If you have a lot of skill and confidence in wrapping, you may wish to try your hand at the lotus wrapping methods. This is based on tying two corners of the wrapping material together, and then you reverse the ends and then do the same on the other corners and hopefully this creates the shape of a lotus flower. You may need to be patient if you are trying this wrapping method!

There may come a time when you have to hold your hands up and admit defeat, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot give your gift in great style. At the very least, placing your gift into a gift bag or box will ensure that there is a handsome wrap around the gift and that other people will not be able to see what the gift is until the recipient has opened it up.

Sometimes a gift bag or box is all you need

One of the best solutions is to place a gift into a bag or box and then place bright coloured paper around the gift, creating more of a scene around the opening of the gift! This may not be the most creative solution but it achieves the end result you are looking for.

This is good because for many people, the element of surprise is a big aspect of giving a present. You want to see someone shocked or surprised when they open up the gift and this means wrapping is essential. A present that is an odd shape can pose a challenge to achieving this aim but it is far from impossible and you should find that you can keep a present under wraps, no matter what it is.

If you are looking for other ways to wrap odd shapes or you need to make sure your gift looks fantastic at all times, you can rely on Bogsha. We are delighted to say that we provide a great range of gift wrapping paper and gift wrap options, so no matter the shape or size of the gift, we have you covered.

Origami In Wrapping

When it comes to origami in wrapping, your level of skills and confidence in your handiwork can go a long way. There are some people who can take a normal piece of paper and turn it into a work of art in seconds whereas other people are not skilled or confident in dealing with paper. This means that some folk will be naturally more inclined to indulge in origami in wrapping than others but there is a way for everyone to create the best possible gift for a friend or a loved one.

The name origami literally translates as folding paper and it is hugely synonymous with Japanese culture. In modern culture, origami is about avoiding gluing, cutting or marking paper but traditionally, the main focus is on folding paper. When it comes to wrapping gifts, the size and shape of the gift itself will impact what can be achieved when wrapping it but there is no reason why you cannot utilise gift wrapping when giving a gift to someone.

Enjoy origami in gift wrapping

There is a growing trend towards the Japanese style of gift wrapping, and it is easy to see why. This is a more efficient way to wrap gifts and if you have a lot of gifts to wrap, you will be keen to save time without compromising on style. However, the key factor is the style of this wrapping and if you are looking to present a gift in a stylish manner, utilising the nature of origami in wrapping will help you create the best finished gift.

If you want to give the best present, the standard of wrapping will go a long way to making the best possible impact. If you have the time and patience to indulge in origami wrapping, you want to have the best standard of wrapping paper. At Bogsha, we aim to provide you with the best standard of wrapping paper, which will ensure your gifts come alive even before they are opened. We believe that origami is a solution available for everyone and if you are looking to make the most of your gift, this is an option that will work for you.

No matter the gift you are giving, using origami or following the traditional techniques of origami will add something to your gift. This is because you are taking the time to add a personal touch to your gift, which is something that most recipients will love. When you want to create the best impression with a gift, make sure to wrap it in the best possible style.

How To Make Your Gift Look Luxurious

When it comes to making the best possible impression, knowing how to make your gift look luxurious is very important. Whether you want to impress the recipient, improve your standing with other people or just be happy in yourself with your offering, there are many ways you can make sure your gift stands out for all of the right reasons.

Packaging and wrapping have a big impact on how a gift looks and how others think of it. Thankfully there are a number of approaches you can take with respect to gift wrapping and whether you have craft skills or not, you will find that there is an approach to take that wows people and puts a smile on faces.

If you have skills in wrapping or decorating, you should look to add some flourishes to the present. A well placed bow or a bright and colourful ribbon will ensure that your gift is the most attractive when placed alongside other gifts. If you are going to a party, celebration or gathering where a lot of gifts will be on display, adding a stylish flourish will ensure that people see your gift before others.

If you have styling skills, use them when gift wrapping

If you are very talented, you can take the wrapping or presentation to another level. Using twine to create patterns indicates that you have put time and effort into the gift wrapping process, and this is going to resonate well with the recipient. Another step may be to stencil the wrapping paper or box to make it more stylish and attractive. If you want to give the gift wrapping a personal twist, you will find that your gift will look fantastic.

Of course, luxurious often means the most stylish and you’ll find no shortage of high quality gift wrapping paper or boxes to choose from. Whether it is colours, designs or finishes that you are thinking of, people without artistic talent can make sure their gift is the most impressive by choosing a wrapping option that jumps out at you. No matter your taste or what is deemed to be classy by the recipient, you’ll find that gift wrapping can be luxurious with a minimum of fuss and effort.

However, you don’t need to be flashy to have a positive impact. Adding a personal touch to the wrapping process is likely to be warmly received by the recipient. Wrapping a gift in newspaper relating to a special date or a particular item of interest to the recipient can make your gift the one that they cherish the most. If you can show that you know the recipient well, you can make a very special impression.

No matter what approach you take when it comes to gift wrapping, you will find that Bogsha has everything you are looking for. When it comes to making the best impossible impression, gift wrapping or specialist gift boxes can make all the difference.

Personalise Your Gift

If you believe that the standard of gift wrapping or gift box enhances the gift, you’ll probably want to consider adding an extra touch to the gift. A little bit of DIY can go a long way and if you want to embellish your gift wrapping, there will be many ways you can add a perfect touch to any gift wrapping.

Use a stencil

A lot of people would love to be able to draw or add an artistic flourish to a gift but find that a complete lack of talent or artistic endeavour holds them back! This can be a blow but by using a stencil, you should find that you are able to create a perfect addition to any wrapping paper or box. There is a wide range of stencils to choose from so no matter what the recipient likes, there should be something that will be of interest.

A rubber stamp

Another solution that may be of interest in adding a personalised or stylish flourish to gift wrapping is the use of a rubber stamp. This is a very traditional way to embellish paper so if you are giving the gift to an old friend or someone who appreciates the old school approach to life, this could be a brilliant way to add a quick and effortless mark of style and quality.

Add a handwritten element

When it comes to a personal touch, why not let someone know what you are thinking by actually telling them? If you have good handwriting, adding a handwritten note or adding a small inscription on a card can make a great gift even more special. Anything which allows you to create a personal touch has to be seen as a fantastic addition but a hand-written note will be very special.

Some other ways you can embellish the gift include

– Ribbon curls to add some colour or style to your gift

– Pom-poms made from yarn

– Wrap the gift in string or yarn

– Add some beads or charms to the present

At Bogsha, we will do everything we can to help you find the best wrapping paper or gift box for your gift. However, there is always a lot to be said for adding a personal touch to a gift, so you’ll find that we are happy to help you give the best possible gift you can. Whatever you need, rely on Bogsha to make the most of your gifting.

How to use old clothes or newspaper to make your present stand out

When you are giving someone a gift, you want to make sure that it stands out from the crowd. If there is likely to be a lot of presents on display at the same time, you want your gift to be instantly recognisable. If yours is the only gift that will be seen at a certain point of time, you still want it to be special. When you give someone a gift, it is about a lot more than the present itself and this is why there is a lot to be said for thinking about the wrapping or packaging for your present.

There is no denying that special wrapping paper or a stylish gift box can make a good present look great. There are some ways to wrap a gift that will give the recipient cause to pause before they tear open the present. There will even be times when the recipient decides to carefully unwrap the present to ensure they can hold on to the wrapping paper for later. If you have made the recipient approach the unwrapping process with great care and attention, you can be proud of your efforts when it comes to wrapping the gift.

A personal touch goes a long way

Of course, you don’t need fancy wrapping paper or the most elaborate bows and ribbons to cause a scene when it comes to making your present stand out. Sometimes, a very small personal touch is all that matters when it comes to informing someone how much you care about them. For some people, newspapers provide an affordable and functional way to wrap a present but for other folk, they create an opportunity to provide a personalised touch to any gift.

If someone has access to old newspapers, wrapping a present in a newspaper bearing the date of a person’s birthday or of a special occasion will be a stunning touch. If a person has a great interest in a sports team, a musician, celebrity or a local area, wrapping their present in a newspaper which discusses that team, person or area will be a very thoughtful gift. This style of wrapping is a perfect example why giving the best present isn’t always about money. Showing that you know a person and that you have taken the time to provide them with something that is important to them can be the best gift of all times.

You don’t have to use newspaper to provide a personalised touch to a gift, there is no limit on what you can do. If you have old clothes that evoke special memories for a person, wrap their gift in that or at least use a piece of the material to use as a bow or ribbon around the gift. You want to connect with the recipient and something out of the ordinary can help you achieve this.

When you’re looking for the best quality wrapping paper or a gift box that stands out from the crowd, Bogsha has what you need. We aim to help you create the perfect impression with every gift.

Recycling your wrapping paper for other uses

If you are recycling your wrapping paper for other uses, you will be glad to know that there are many ways in which you can provide new life to stylish, attractive or instantly recognisable wrapping paper.

When it comes to receiving a gift, there are many different components to the present. The gift itself is obviously a great thing to have but the thought and care that goes into selecting the gift and presenting it is also worthy of consideration. If someone has spent a great deal of time and effort into wrapping the paper in a stylish manner and presenting it effectively, it is only natural that the recipient will want to show their thanks and gratitude.

Give new life to your gift paper

With more and more people taking an environmental focus, it is natural that a lot of people will want to recycle the wrapping paper they receive. Sadly, a lot of wrapping paper is not suitable for recycling. There is also the fact that if the paper is attractive, there is something to be said for using it again. This is why it is good to know that there are many options available to reuse and recycle gift wrapping paper.

Some immediate options that spring to mind for gift wrapping include:

– Covering a book or binders

– Reusing as gift wrapping for someone else

– Using it to create a handmade card – perhaps even a thank you for the initial gift

– Placing into a gift bag as stuffing and to provide protection

These are all great options to reuse gift wrapping that are associated with presents but there are other ways you can utilise this style of wrapping paper.

Add a sense of style to your home

If the paper is particularly attractive, you may want to use it to line shelves or a drawer. Depending on the size of the shelves or drawer, and the size of the paper, this can be an ideal fit to brighten up a traditional part of the home that may be overlooked. Improving the look of a property while giving a new lease of life to a gift is always a great thing to do, so this is a popular way to make the most of your gift.

If you are particularly talented, the gift paper and wrapping can be utilised as part of a papier mache project. This will give an artistic creation an added sense of style and excitement as opposed to using traditional newspaper.

There is also the throwback option of using shredded gift wrapping paper as confetti for a special occasion.

At Bogsha, we believe the life of gift wrapping can, and should, extend well beyond the timespan of one present and we are delighted to read that so many people are keen to utilise stylish gift wrapping in different ways in their daily life or around the home. If you want gift wrapping that will be appreciated for many years to come, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

How to wrap a gift in a creative way

Knowing how to wrap a gift in a creative way can make a good gift into a great one and ensure that the recipient knows that you have thought a lot about them.

If you want to give someone a gift, it makes sense that you want to make everything about the gift as attractive as possible. Anyone who has spent money or time on finding the ideal present for someone doesn’t want to let themselves or the gift down by sub-standard wrapping. This means that a lot of thought is often put into wrapping a gift, and if you are looking to grab attention or take someone’s breath away before they even open the present, you want to be creative when it comes to gift wrapping.

Do what you can when wrapping a gift

To be honest, when it comes to wrapping a gift, there is only so much you can do. The Japanese gift wrapping technique has provided a more efficient way of wrapping a present but on the whole, people are still wrapping gifts the way they have done for decades. A level of creativity may come into the equation if the gift has a unique shape but on the whole, gift wrapping follows a standard format.

There are ways to utilise your creativity when it comes to wrapping gifts and for many people, this relates to accessories. A simple ribbon or bow can have a fantastic impact on how a gift looks and you’ll find plenty of gift accessories to choose from. Some people opt for a colour or scheme that complements each other while people find that a contrast creates a fantastic look. A dark or plain wrap can be perfectly offset by a bold or daring ribbon or bow, creating a finished style that immediately catches the attention.

Some people need more assistance when wrapping creatively

Of course, while some people are confident in using ribbons, bows, twine and all manner of accessories to create a stunning look, this isn’t the case for everyone. There will be some people who can confidently create spirals in seconds whereas other people will end up with what looks like the collection of a shredder unit! For people who need a helping hand in creating the best impression with a gift, the right style of wrapping paper or box can make a massive difference.

Stylish wrapping paper or boxes allows everyone to wrap a gift in a creative way. Even if you are unsure of your skills or you don’t have a lot of time to bring an intricate design to life, you can still put a smile on someone’s face with a fantastic wrapping effort.

If you are looking to be as creative as possible, you will find that Bogsha is the place to turn to for help and support. We have a range of products that will help you wrap a gift creatively, even if you don’t have any creative skills or talents. No matter the gift and no matter what you want to say, Bogsha will help you gift in great style.

Japanese Gift Wrapping

The art of Japanese gift wrapping can save time while making your gifts look fantastic.

Wrapping gifts can be fun and many people take it as an opportunity to show off their creative side. Sometimes, the wrapping paper and the nature of the wrapping can be just as exciting as the gift itself, and this means that a lot of people like to spend time ensuring the wrapping is as stylish as it can be.

Of course, there will be times when you need to be more efficient when you are wrapping. If you are running out of time or you have a lot of presents to wrap, you want to make sure that you zip through the task at hand with a minimum of fuss and effort. However, why shouldn’t you be able to do both? It may sound like a tall order to combine style and efficiency but there is a Japanese gift wrapping technique that allows you to wrap with confidence and speed.

Wrap up in style with a Japanese influence

There is a lot to be said for watching the process in action as this will provide you with a greater feel for what you need to do, but here are the steps involved with Japanese gift wrapping:

  • Place the gift on the wrapping paper and make sure it is laid diagonally across the paper
  • Flip the gift up so the narrowest edge of the gift lies flat on the paper
  • Fold a corner of the paper up and over the gift and use your index finger to fold the triangular flap that has been created
  • Secure that flap with tape
  • Do the same process for the longer piece of wrapping paper
  • Turn the gift down flat and secure the remaining flap like you would do with an envelope

That is all there is to the Japanese gift wrapping process. It may take you a few efforts to get good at it but with plenty of videos to watch to hone your skills, you should find that you can develop your technique in next to no time.

Make sure your gifts look great

There are many different ways to wrap gifts but if you are looking for a fast and effective wrapping style, the Japanese gift wrapping technique is well worth checking out. It is fast, efficient and it will make your presents look great. Don’t be surprised if you get a few compliments on how good the packaging looks…and if people are feeling positive before they have even opened your gift, you are well on your way to being a gift-giving winner!

No matter what wrapping technique you decide to use, or whether you decide you need more of a helping hand to make your gift look great, Bogsha is here to help. With a range of boxes, packages, packaging and plenty of wrapping ideas, you’ll find that we are the ideal place to turn to if you are looking to give a gift with style and panache. Japanese gift wrapping is a hot trend at the moment, and it is easy to see why, but no matter how you like to wrap presents and spread joy, we are here to help you out.

Gifts That Look As Good On The Outside As On The Inside!

The range of gift wrapping styles on offer should ensure that everyone can present a gift that looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside!

If you are giving a gift to someone, it is the thought of the gift that is the most important thing and no matter what you offer, it is likely to be appreciated. However, when a gift is being offered with love or admiration, people want to ensure that the gift is as attractive as possible. This means that not only will people put a lot of thought and attention into the gift itself, they want to make sure that the gift is presented in a highly attractive way.

Gift wrapping is hugely important and there is a wide range of gift wrapping styles to choose. No matter what time you have, how confident or skilled you are at wrapping or how much money you have to spend, there will always be a way to make your gift look brilliant and ensure you spread a little bit more joy and happiness.

Japanese gift wrapping is efficient and stylish

While the majority of options regarding different gift wrapping styles revolve around how the wrapping is secured, there is a fantastic style of gift wrapping that is popular in Japan. There are many videos showing this technique but by placing the gift on the wrapping paper diagonally, it is possible to wrap the gift in three squares and just three pieces of tape. This is a highly creative wrapping style and once you hone your skills, it is extremely efficient. If you have a lot of gifts to wrap, this is a technique that you may wish to explore.

Twine or bows can add the ideal finishing touch

Many people are able to make gift wrapping into an art-form and the use of twine around the present provides a colourful and stylish finish. Ribbons and bows have also been long favourites in the art of gift wrapping and these remain very popular today. When you want to show your appreciation, using an intricate and highly detailed wrapping style is a perfect way to subtly inform someone how much you are thinking of them. Of course, if the present is wrapped in such a stylish manner, it may be difficult to convince the recipient to open the gift.

Of course, if you are pushed for time or you aren’t confident with using your hands, but still want to make a good impression on the recipient; stylish wrapping paper, bags or gift boxes help you create the perfect finishing touch when providing a gift. Gifting should be something that is enjoyed by everyone and the wide range of gift wrapping styles on offer will ensure that everyone can enjoy the process.

At Bogsha, we love gifting as much as we love receiving gifts and the joy that comes from offering a stylishly presented gift to a well-deserved recipient is a great feeling. If you want to spread some love, get in touch or check out our full range of gifting products.