Leanne Crowe

by Bogsha Gifting

I am an illustrator and artist from Suffolk, UK. I studied photography and video production in Lincoln and started work as a fashion photographer in London when I first moved there seven years ago. Although I started as a fashion photographer, working with clients such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, my personal work was more in the direction of fine art both in photography and other mediums such as ceramics and painting.
Drawing was always a big part of my life from when I was a child, art being the subject I thrived the most on throughout school. I did a foundation course in Fine art at the West Suffolk College where I developed my knowledge on drawing and painting techniques as well as translating my work to digital format.
I recently returned from a four month stay in Mexico where I did a course on ceramics and refined my style of drawing and painting, gathering inspiration from the people I met, my surroundings and the local art.

My work today is a combination of minimal, abstract line art and colourful, narrative illustrations that tell a story. My inspiration comes from the human form and female figures of power and inspiration, encouraging mindfulness and creative thinking.
Recently I have produced a book titled “Yoga for Kids” and started a series of ceramic badges for a local mindfulness organisation to help promote the work they do.

The series I have produced for Bogsha are based on the four elements. Each woman encompassing the powers that these four elements possess.
The goal is to promote empowerment, independence and strength, as of the role of each element.
The four elements are present all around and within you. They are essential to all life, here to bring balance.

instagram: @leannecrowe