Gift Giving In Different Cultures: Not Opening Gifts

16 Feb 2017

Gift Giving In Different Cultures: Not Opening Gifts

by Bogsha Gifting

You can see why some people are keen to open gifts as soon as they get them. How many times have you been at a party or celebration and the recipient has been tearing into their presents as soon as they set eyes on them. There is also a lot of happy memories from birthdays that involve tearing gifts open, leaving a mass of wrapping paper in your wake! For many people, a gift is to be opened and enjoyed as quickly as possible.

Different cultures have different ideas on opening gifts

This isn’t the case all around the world though and when it comes to gift giving in different cultures; there are instances when it can be deemed as rude to open a present straight away. If this is the situation, it most likely occurs at parties or celebrations when there are plenty of people present. In more dignified or restrained cultures, you can see why there is a tradition of not opening presents in public or creating a public scene. Whether this is to save embarrassment or to stop people feeling as though their gift pales in comparison with another will depend on individual people but you can see why this happens.

Three countries where gift giving is different and presents are often left unopened at first include

– China

– Romania

– Ukraine

All three of these countries have been known for having times or occasions when a gift is not opened in front of the person who provided the gift. In the Ukraine, it is common for someone hosting a party to wait until the party is over and the guests have left (or they have returned to their own home) before opening the party.

Wrapping is essential when giving a gift

In these situations, there may be a greater level of pressure or importance placed on the standard of wrapping. After all, if your gifts are going to sit around on display for a while, alongside other gifts, you want to make sure that the wrapping looks as attractive and as stylish as possible.

At Bogsha, we believe that there will be times when the wrapping and packaging will be just as important as the gift. This is why we are happy to provide stylish, attractive and appealing wrapping and gift boxes, suitable for every need. If you are going to give a gift that will sit on display for a while, make sure that it looks at its very best, so get in touch with us.

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Peter Walker

25 Jan 2019

I was intrigued by the differences in cultures around gift opening, after a Chinese student who is staying with us was quite surprised that Australians (and other European based cultures) opened presents in front of others. I have subsequently asked other people from different cultural backgrounds and discovered that the opening gifts later approach also extends to people from Thailand, Japan, and Afghanistan, but surprisingly Vietnamese appear to open their presents in front of others, rather than later.

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