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Japanese Gift Wrapping

08 Feb 2017

Japanese Gift Wrapping

by Bogsha Gifting

The art of Japanese gift wrapping can save time while making your gifts look fantastic.

Wrapping gifts can be fun and many people take it as an opportunity to show off their creative side. Sometimes, the wrapping paper and the nature of the wrapping can be just as exciting as the gift itself, and this means that a lot of people like to spend time ensuring the wrapping is as stylish as it can be.

Of course, there will be times when you need to be more efficient when you are wrapping. If you are running out of time or you have a lot of presents to wrap, you want to make sure that you zip through the task at hand with a minimum of fuss and effort. However, why shouldn’t you be able to do both? It may sound like a tall order to combine style and efficiency but there is a Japanese gift wrapping technique that allows you to wrap with confidence and speed.

Wrap up in style with a Japanese influence

There is a lot to be said for watching the process in action as this will provide you with a greater feel for what you need to do, but here are the steps involved with Japanese gift wrapping:

  • Place the gift on the wrapping paper and make sure it is laid diagonally across the paper
  • Flip the gift up so the narrowest edge of the gift lies flat on the paper
  • Fold a corner of the paper up and over the gift and use your index finger to fold the triangular flap that has been created
  • Secure that flap with tape
  • Do the same process for the longer piece of wrapping paper
  • Turn the gift down flat and secure the remaining flap like you would do with an envelope

That is all there is to the Japanese gift wrapping process. It may take you a few efforts to get good at it but with plenty of videos to watch to hone your skills, you should find that you can develop your technique in next to no time.

Make sure your gifts look great

There are many different ways to wrap gifts but if you are looking for a fast and effective wrapping style, the Japanese gift wrapping technique is well worth checking out. It is fast, efficient and it will make your presents look great. Don’t be surprised if you get a few compliments on how good the packaging looks…and if people are feeling positive before they have even opened your gift, you are well on your way to being a gift-giving winner!

No matter what wrapping technique you decide to use, or whether you decide you need more of a helping hand to make your gift look great, Bogsha is here to help. With a range of boxes, packages, packaging and plenty of wrapping ideas, you’ll find that we are the ideal place to turn to if you are looking to give a gift with style and panache. Japanese gift wrapping is a hot trend at the moment, and it is easy to see why, but no matter how you like to wrap presents and spread joy, we are here to help you out.

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