Recycling your wrapping paper for other uses

13 Feb 2017

Recycling your wrapping paper for other uses

by Bogsha Gifting

If you are recycling your wrapping paper for other uses, you will be glad to know that there are many ways in which you can provide new life to stylish, attractive or instantly recognisable wrapping paper.

When it comes to receiving a gift, there are many different components to the present. The gift itself is obviously a great thing to have but the thought and care that goes into selecting the gift and presenting it is also worthy of consideration. If someone has spent a great deal of time and effort into wrapping the paper in a stylish manner and presenting it effectively, it is only natural that the recipient will want to show their thanks and gratitude.

Give new life to your gift paper

With more and more people taking an environmental focus, it is natural that a lot of people will want to recycle the wrapping paper they receive. Sadly, a lot of wrapping paper is not suitable for recycling. There is also the fact that if the paper is attractive, there is something to be said for using it again. This is why it is good to know that there are many options available to reuse and recycle gift wrapping paper.

Some immediate options that spring to mind for gift wrapping include:

– Covering a book or binders

– Reusing as gift wrapping for someone else

– Using it to create a handmade card – perhaps even a thank you for the initial gift

– Placing into a gift bag as stuffing and to provide protection

These are all great options to reuse gift wrapping that are associated with presents but there are other ways you can utilise this style of wrapping paper.

Add a sense of style to your home

If the paper is particularly attractive, you may want to use it to line shelves or a drawer. Depending on the size of the shelves or drawer, and the size of the paper, this can be an ideal fit to brighten up a traditional part of the home that may be overlooked. Improving the look of a property while giving a new lease of life to a gift is always a great thing to do, so this is a popular way to make the most of your gift.

If you are particularly talented, the gift paper and wrapping can be utilised as part of a papier mache project. This will give an artistic creation an added sense of style and excitement as opposed to using traditional newspaper.

There is also the throwback option of using shredded gift wrapping paper as confetti for a special occasion.

At Bogsha, we believe the life of gift wrapping can, and should, extend well beyond the timespan of one present and we are delighted to read that so many people are keen to utilise stylish gift wrapping in different ways in their daily life or around the home. If you want gift wrapping that will be appreciated for many years to come, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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