The Psychology of Gift Wrapping

11 Feb 2017

The Psychology of Gift Wrapping

by Bogsha Gifting

There’s a psychology of gift wrapping and it underpins why so many like to present their gift in the best possible manner.

The amount of time and effort that you put into finding and then buying the gift is likely to be more than enough to put a smile on the face of the recipient. We are told that it is the thought that counts. This is why many people think that the gift itself should be all that a person needs to let someone know that they care.

As we all know though, this isn’t the case. When we give a gift, we like to wrap it or keep it concealed and there is definitely a psychology of gift wrapping at play. There will be sometimes when the wrapping is of a functional nature, ensuring that the gift remains dry or not compromised. In these cases, the wrapping can be simple and basic, as long as it does its job. At many other times though, there is a lot more to it and you may be surprised, or not, to learn that there have been studies into the impact that a gift has when wrapped or not wrapped.

People love opening gifts that have been wrapped

The research believes that the recipient will be more positively inclined to the gift they are about to receive if it has been wrapped. Perhaps it is the sense of anticipation around the wrapping, creating an additional step before the recipient gets to enjoy the gift. It may be the knowledge that in wrapping the present, the person providing the gift has taken an additional step. It also may be that the wrapping is so attractive that a person cannot fail to be impressed by what is on offer.

Sometimes the wrapping can convey a message or emotion

While there is a psychology of gift wrapping with regards to how the recipient feels, there is certainly a link to how the person giving the gift feels when they hand over a wrapped present. The wrapping gives another opportunity for the person to make themselves stand out from the crowd. This is by showcasing their talent or to highlight what fantastic taste they have. In Victorian England times, gift wrapping was primarily undertaken to highlight the wealth of the person giving the gift, even before it was unwrapped. 

At Bogsha, we are well aware that there are many factors involved with gift wrapping and there are different outcomes you want to see occur. No matter what your aims are with the gift, our broad range of gift wrapping products and accessories will ensure you can say exactly what you want to say when you need to say it.

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