Why Bother Wrapping?

12 Feb 2017

Why Bother Wrapping?

by Bogsha Gifting

If you think why bother wrapping, you’ve probably witnessed people tear away at the wrapping of a gift without even pausing for thought. This can be highly frustrating for people who have placed a great deal of time, and effort, into the wrapping of a gift but if someone is keen to get at their present, you shouldn’t take it too badly.

After all, the gift should be the most important aspect of the present and if someone wants to see what you have given them, it is likely that you have done something right. You can also bet that many parents have given the question why bother wrapping serious thought over the years? The hours spent prior to birthdays, Christmas and major celebrations only to see wrapping paper torn at and then discarded in a heap would make most parents’ weep.

Wrapping may seem unnecessary at times

With this sort of outcome, you can see why a lot of parents prefer to place presents into bags or give them to their children unwrapped. This can save money and it can help a parent keep their blood pressure low. However, there is no getting away from the fact that wrapping adds a fantastic finish to many gifts and there are benefits in taking the time to wrap the present.

For many people, it is better to give than to receive, and wrapping a present is tied up with the psychology of gifting. Taking the time to wrap a present or to pick out stylish wrapping paper or a box is part of the process. The gift isn’t just the gift or the money that has been spent on the present; it is the whole approach and focus. This is why a lot of people like to spend time making sure everything is perfect before it is handed over, even if it seems the time and effort is overlooked.

Wrapping can be a gift in itself

There is also the fact that the wrapping or presentation can be part of the gift. Giving someone a gift that has been wrapped in a certain manner or with wrapping that symbolises an “in-joke” or a precious memory can be part of the process. There is a wide range of paper wrapping options and with boxes and bags; there is no excuse for not presenting a gift in the best possible manner.

It might even be that the importance of the wrapping isn’t for the recipient, it is for other people. If you are carrying the gift to an event or party, stylish wrapping will mark you out as someone who cares about others. If there are a lot of gifts laid out on a table, your present will stand out from the rest if the wrapping is of the highest standard. When it comes to gifting, sometimes it is about more than just the present and this is why the wrapping is vital.

It would be fair to say that the team at Bogsha know all about wrapping and the importance of creating a positive impression. With a wide range of wrapping products and solutions on offer, it has never been easier to make a positive first impression.

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